...a playful fusion of local and world flavors, music and cocktails...


A concept based on our view of Mykonos – as part of Greece and at the same time, a lively crossroad of cultures, flavors, civilizations.

The menu includes Mexican, Indian, Indonesian specialties, grilled food, many vegetarian and Vegan options – some of which change daily – and a big selection of salads most of which are made with fresh, local products.

The restaurant is based in an old Mykonian town house which has turned into a beautiful, colorful interior space with a small veranda and a some outdoor tables, located in one of the classical narrow – and yet lively, Mykonos alleys.

Open almost all year round – since 1997- it has become an ‘all time classic’, a favorable spot for both locals and visitors of the island.

From local to world flavors, music and cocktails

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