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STARTERS OF THE DAY please check today’s specials’ card / blackboard (PIE of the day, DIP of the day...)

'MEZE - PLATER' variety of starters, dips, local cheeses, dips, Mykonian 'louza', pita, to accompany ouzo, beer or wine -11,00
DIP AND PITA BREAD – humus, eggplant, fava, tarama (please check today’s specials) - 7,50
MEXICAN SALSA 'PICANTE' Mexican tomato dip, with fresh coriander and chilli peppers, served with tortilla chips - 5,00
GUACAMOLE Served with tortilla chips - 8,00 / with pita bread -8,50
GRILLED PORTOBELLO MUSHROOMS on fresh rucola leaves -9,00
CHICKEN WINGS 'APPALOOSA' marinated in 'appaloosa' marinade, served with our homemade BBQ sauce -9,00
NACHOS-CHILI tortilla chips your choice of chili (con-carne or refried beans) with cheese, jalapeños, guacamole, mexican salsa and sour cream :
- frijoles refritos’ (refried beans) - 9,00
- chili-con-carne -9,50
GRILLED FLAT TOSTADA a flat, grilled tortilla, cheese, jalapeños peppers , guacamole, Mexican salsa and sour cream and a choice of toppings:
- Vegetarian with ‘frijoles refritos’ (refried beans), vegetables -9,00 / Chili -con-carne -9,50
- Chicken -10,00
POTATO CHILI & side salad : Vegetarian - 9,00 / chili-con-carne cheese, jalapeños peppers , guacamole, Mexican salsa, sour cream -9,50



'APPALOOSA' SALAD mixed salad with Mykonian soft cream cheese, avocado, been sprouts, nuts, sesame seeds- small- 7,50 / medium- 10,00 / large-12,50
MYKONIAN XINOTYRO CHEESE SALAS rucola, mykonian xinotyro cheese, cherry & sun dried tomatoes, olives, grilled peppers- 11,00
CAPRIZZIOZA tomato, mozzarella, rucola, basil- 10,00
ROCULA & BERRIES with roasted sesame seeds, berries, pinenuts, parmesan cheese- 12,50
ORGANIC SALMON SALAD sautéed in teriyaki sauce, pickled ginger, wassabi, roasted sesame- 17,00
FIG SALAD Rucola,Mykonian xinotyro cheese, mykonian louza, figs, and a balsamic & fig-dressing – 12,50
COLOUR SALAD with parmesan, avocado, pinenuts, smoked peppers, bacon/chicken, croutons- 13,00
'BELLA' Green salad, grilled vegetables,”portobello” mushrooms & grilled talagani cheese – 12,50
MEXICANA GRANDE A large salad with a deep fried tostada shell and your choice of fillings:
  - 'frijoles refritos'(refried beans),cheese, jalapeño peppers, guacamole, mexican salsa and sour cream -12,50
  - Chili-con-carne cheese, jalapeño peppers, guacamole, Mexican salsa and sour cream -13,00
  - Chicken fillets with bbq sauce, cheese, jalapeños, guacamole, Mexican salsa and sour cream -14,00
GREEK COUNTRY SALAD Tomatoes, cucumber, green peppers, onion, olives, feta cheese, capers, oregano, virgin olive oil : small - 7,50 / medium -10,00



'APPALOOSA' with Mykonian 'xinotyro'/or Mykonian tyrovolia cheese, sundried tomatoes, cappers, olives, basil- 12,50
MIXED MUSHROOM PASTA with fresh mushrooms, dried porcini mushrooms, wine & cream-14,00
ORGANIC, SEMI-WILD SALAMON* PASTA with asparagus, cream, ginger, and lime zest- 15,50
AL PESTO basil pesto, pinenuts, cherry tomatoes and parmesan paste- 10,00
NAPOLITEN / AL ARABIATA spicy tomato sauce with garlic, white wine, pecorino cheese- 10,00


INDONESIAN fried rice (nassi) , or noodles with vegetables, ginger, soya sauce, oyster sauce, bean sprouts:

Vegetarian - 12,00
With chicken fillets - 13,50
With pork fillets - 14,50
With prawns - 18,50



Vegetable samosas - 9,50
Dhaal Tarka with basmati rice - 12,00
Indian vegetarian dish of the day, please ask waitress or, check blackboard………
Indian chicken dish of the day- please ask which are served today : Tikka / Tikka- Masala / Tandoori / Corma / Biryani / Madras … (any extra dishes on DAYS’ SPECIAL CARD)



CHILI-CON-CARNE with rice, guacamole, cheese and sour cream- 10,00
VEGETARIAN CHILI - 'frijoles refritos'(refried beans), vegetables, guacamole, cheese and sour cream, rice- 9,50
BURRITOS your choice and a filling of: cheese, sour cream, guacamole, salsa picante and are served with Mexican rice and salad
BURGER BURRITO - 13,00 / BURGER BURRITO GRANDE (with two burritos) - 17,00
CHICKEN BURRITO - 13,50 / CHICKEN BURRITO GRANDE (with two burritos) - 18,00
COMBO BURRITO GRANDE two burritos (burger/ chicken) - 17,50
- vegetarian, with refried beans and vegetables (if vegan, it may be served without cheese & sour cream) - 10,00
- with chili-con-carne- 10,50
CHILI BURRITO GRANDE (with two chili burritos/or, two vegetarian)- 15,50



- (about 280gr from fresh 2/3 veal mince & 1/3 pork mince) wrapped in tortilla- 13,50
- extra cheese- 1,00 extra bacon- 1,50 extra egg - 2,00
CHILLIBURGER "APPALOOSA" with jalapenos peppers and spicy tomato sauce- 14,00
COUNTRY BURGER with talagani/feta cheese, served with grilled tomato and greek pita bread- 15,00
PORK CHOP with mixture of herbs-12,50
VEAL FILLET (fresh, with garlic butter)- 26,00
APPALOOSA PEPPER FILLET with 3 peppers, cardamon and a brandy cream sauce- 27,50
CHICKEN FILLET (grilled, with a mixture of herbs)- 14,00
CHICKEN IN LEMON SAUCE with mustard, cardamon and fresh dill- 15,00
RIB STEAK (around 750-950)- 23,00-28,00
SALMON FILLET semi-wild) with lemon-cardamom-mustard sause – 17,00



HALVA traditional semolina dessert with cinnamon, almonds, raisins-4,50
APPLE CRUMBLE with vanilla ice cream-7,50
CHOCOLATE PEARS in a mavrodafni wine & cinnamon sauce, with whipped cream-7,50
PANNACOTA with caramel syrup- 5,50
RICH CHOCOLATE CAKE & cream - 7,50
CREAM OF MASCARPONE with baileys served with 'forest' fruit-6,50
RICH CHOCOLATE CAKE served warm with whipped cream-6,50 / with vanilla ice-cream - 7,50


EXTRAS, small bowl of :

Salsa -2,00
Sour cream -2,50
Frijoles refritos (refried beans) - 3,00
Chili-con-carne -3,50
Guacamole -5,00
Extra basmati -5,00
Indian chiapati / pita bread / tortilla chips – 1,50


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